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Paul Nugent is an independent, international expert working in the rotational molding industry. He specializes in the training of molders on a wide range of molding-related topics, conducting factory-wide assessments for the development of improvement plans and also in providing general advice and troubleshooting services for production related issues.  A native of Northern Ireland, he studied at The Queen’s University   of Belfast where he received a Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. His work on rotational molding began in 1987 resulting in the development of the principles and system of Rotolog and computer simulation models for the process (Rotosim). Work at the University involved development projects with companies both in Europe and the USA and offered Paul the opportunity to travel to many molders and gain insight into the industry.

His comprehensive book, Rotational Molding: A Practical Guide, is the most comprehensive study on the process to date and offers both a review of the technology as reported in technical papers over 30 years and his direct experience working in a rotomolding environment.

Dr Paul Nugent

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